Black Americans For Trump

Donald Trump Will Make America Great Again! Regardless of the Color of Your Skin!’

Trump’s America First message is about placing the needs of ALL AMERICANS over the needs of foreign interests.  It’s about returning jobs, safety, and prosperity to America – bringing hope back home, where it belongs.

Trump is the best choice for ALL Americans! United To Make America Great Again!

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hate mail: dont worry we keep voting for trump

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  1. It’s sad that people font know the true Trump behind the T.V. He is a big hearted person who likes everyone. He is a great person who,gives,cares about everyone. He hates that the government has taken from the people and lied to the people to do whatever they want including voting for themselves to get a raise when the rest of our country goes without. They keep forcing the dollar to go down in value, this is hurting everyone one of us, the dollar value goes down about 3% year, in 10 years that 30%. So your nest egg isn’t worth anything to you for retirement. 20 years that’s 60% so $100,000.00 is only worth $40,000.00 in what bank can you gain at least 3% yearly ? None ! The people are paying the price ! In what company gives you a the minimum or 3% raise every year ? None ! Think about this —> if the minimum raise is increased down the line prices will increase, the value of the dollar will only go down faster and the people pay the price ! Our mighty dollar is going the wrong way and the people will always pay the price unless we can get Trump in the presidential office. He will start getting money lost in bad dealings with other countries, this alone could make out deficit slow down or even stop. Stop us less spending on other countries could make the deficit to sat going backwards, as this does or dollar value will start to increase and a reduction in wages will have to go down causing our dollar to go positive and savings and checking accounts will pay more to have your money, all the money you have saved will be worth more tHan it did when you put it in the bank. So vote Trump or our country and your money will continue to go down.

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