Jesse Jackson Praised Trump in 1999 for LIFETIME of helping African American Community

Donald Trump worked with the Rainbow-PUSH coalition to bring black americans and minorities into corporate America. As POTUS he will transform the inner cities with business development and middle class jobs in the manufacturing and construction sectors through better trade deals and infrastructure projects.

Watch This Video: Jesse Jackson Praised Trump in 1999 for LIFETIME of helping African American Community


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  1. Yes, amen to and that the truth is finally coming out despite Lying Hillary trying to paint Trump as a racist. Trump has always been a supporter of the black community. Wake up America! What have we got to lose?

  2. I wish we would get this on every FB page in America..I know I will not like a lot of MR TRUMPS policies if he is elected.. but the stench from the clintons, lying, cheating, thieving and playing foot loose and fancy free with our national security is just to much..

    • You don’t like his polices ? Which ones? Lower taxes? Rebuild a depleted military ? Rebuild the inner cities ? Get rid of Obama care? Giving parents a choice to where they send their kids to school? Getting rid of common core? Giving all Americans regardless of race or back ground a hand up instead of a hand out? Bringing back companies that left the US back to provide more jobs for us? Build a wall to keep illegals and drugs and human traffickers out of our country or at least slow the flow, a temporary halt on Syrian refugees until we know they will asimulate with our citizens and respect our laws? Prevent our veterans from dying while they wait for months to see a VA Doctor ? With all due respect I don’t see why anyone except an illegal would have problems with trumps adgenda for Amercia first!

      • Right on Lee, the only people that would not support Trump besides the obvious the are illegals.
        Then uninformed millinials too lazy to actually do a little bit of homework and think for themselves instead of listening to MSM talking points.(he’s a racist! What has he said racist? He just is!what in particular? He just is! OK got it.
        3rd the Rinos and the #nevertrumpers because they know they are gone and house and senate. isis well probably all muzscums because there is no such thing as a “moderate” muzscum the only way one can be a moderate is to be laying dead on the ground in a pool then maybe they became moderate. They have their own aggenda and it’s not compatible with our constitution.

  3. People and their opinions change. Trump’s only presidential commitment to the black community will be to say he “loves them” while encouraging violence against anyone who thinks differently than he does.

    • If you remember correctly..and clearly you do not, the liberal campaigns of Hillary and Bernie sent their paid hatchets to disrupt and harm Trump rallies.
      They and some RINOs then used the “media” footage as fodder for their losing campaigns. Once the cat was out of the bag, they stopped .. To wipe the dried egg off of their faces

  4. We have no choice but to vote for Trump. And now the Democrats are trying to act like they’ve been there for us when they have never been there but to put us in poverty & prisons!

  5. i think if a chance is given to Mr Trump,honestly he would do better than every other current president,remember Mrs Clinton has been in govt for too long,she was there when all american companies travel to china and stay there,If Mr Trump promise to bring back those companies than what are you waiting for to give him a chance to do so

  6. Please search for a recent episode of AM Joy where she gets Jesse Jackson on the phone to get his CURRENT views on Trump because black Trump supporter, Paris Dennard, kept bringing up his name and the rainbow coalition

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