Black Trump Supporter Comoelita Explains Why She is Voting for DONALD TRUMP! #Blacks4Trump

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  1. Hello. I appreciate your articulation of your reasons for supporting Trump. I have not heard any Trump supporter give concrete reasons to support him. However, I am puzzled why someone in your tax bracket would support someone in his when all of his economic appointees are going to be his business partners or associates. In my experience, people like Trump are, in the end, only concerned with money and notoriety. Everyone else is given lip service. When you look at his policies as a whole, they do not unfortunately benefit those who aren’t close to his income bracket. A president alone cannot change laws already passed by Congress and he cannot write any executive orders to change those laws about which you are concerned. I have been on welfare, but managed to attend some of the best private schools in the nation. I have been really poor and have studied beside the children of billionaires. Not all wealthy people are self absorbed, but Trump, in the end, has never displayed any action past or present that indicates he is truly concerned with those less fortunate. His words about change are just words.

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