Cory Co-Leader/One of Founders Black Americans For Trump Explains Why He is Voting for TRUMP #Blacks4Trump

Cory is Co-Leader and One of the Founders of Black Americans For Trump. Cory is one of the Leaders for Trump Street Team S FL, which waves Trump signs every week in Florida.

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  1. Thank you for your bravery, your passion, your common sense and your strength to carry on to expose the damages that the Democrats have done to the inner cities and create a Democrat Plantation that has been taking over for almost a hundred years! You are the hero of releasing them to be individual, free thinkers, strong and prosperous again!

  2. Well said. Hope that other blacks see that Trump is only trying to show them as well as everyone else a different view in running this country. He wants to run it as a business which is expactly how it should be run. Cut the waste, tighten the belt and get people working again. This country has many problems i.e., roads, jails, welfare, etc. Hope he’s given the opportunity, because it’s a one time offer and if we don’t take it, we all lose. Great video.

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