I Believe in a Straight Talking Straight Shooting White Man named TRUMP,that loves America like I do. #Blacks4Trump

Jermon Maxey ‏Democrats Have Failed African Americans. “I believe in a straight talking straight shooting white man named Donald J Trump,that loves America like I do”

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  1. I am so glad 2 c all Americans get over this foolishness that we keep getting shoved down our throats from these elite arrogant idiots running our government-the real changemakers are us-the American people !

  2. Way back, Thomas Jefferson said,”the Gov. will become corrupt & the people will Flock to the one who tells the truth”. Hence this is why so many Americans are flocking to Trump. Look at his Rally’s , thousands of people, both men & women & the whole Crayola Box of people. God made Us All. The Liberal Media say the Women & Latinos & African Americans don’t like Trump. As you all know that is Not true. In his company he pays women as much as men. He has a lot of women employees also. He’s a proven job creator. He said back in 1980 “we need to rebuild our inner cities,fix our infrastructure, & create jobs. When Michael Jackson wanted to come to Ryan Whites’Funeral, Trump took him to Gary, Indiana, got out of the car in Gary, In went inside & said his condolences to the Ryan White Family, then left.That’s when Trump met Pastor Mark Burns.for the first time. Trump is all about helping people. Trump took a semi-truck full of water, food, diapers, some play dough for the kids, to Louisiana for the flood Victims. Fema wasn’t there yet. He used His own money, plus gave$100,000.00 to a church there to help the people. When he stops the Fraud & corruption in Washington, Congress will have the money to create jobs, rebuild our Inner cities,Infrastructure, & Better schools for everyone.& Build the wall. Everyone , every child should be able to fulfill his dream of becoming whatever he wants in life & given the education & opportunity to do so. And be able to walk down the street in safety.Trump believes in this opportunity for everyone. We Just have to Vote Landslide for Trump & watch the Polls to keep Hillary Voters from voting twice. I never thought I’d see this much corruption in my lifetime. We need to make History, Take Our Country Back,& Save USA. Lets try to Make sure that Trump gets more Votes than anyone ever in History. This will send the message to Congress that they’d better do what’s right by us, otherwise they’ll get voted out. God Bless Us All.

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