About Us

“Black Americans For Trump” is a grassroots group of regular Americans who feel strongly about speaking the truth during this critical presidential election.
Trump’s America First message is about placing the needs of ALL AMERICANS over the needs of foreign interests. It’s about returning jobs, safety, and prosperity to America – bringing hope back home, where it belongs. Our Goal is America First and UNITED Together as one… race doesn’t matter.

“Trump is the best choice for ALL Americans! United To Make America Great Again!”

When Did Black Americans For Trump Start?
This group started on twitter by Mark F. @Immigrant4trump during February 2016 as a chat group “Black America 4 Trump” Which Grown from dozens members now to over 200+ members.
The Group is Lead By Joshua @JOMainEvent, Mark @Immigrant4Trump and Cory  as leaders of the Group. Also With Makada @_Makada_ as Spokeswoman/ and Advisors Comoelita @Brownfractals, MMTCHICK @Mrsmmtbeauty, Patrica Dickson @Patrici15767099, Mike.

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