Here are many Video released during the election. Special Thanks For Mark F @Immigrant4Trump, For being the “Black Americans For Trump” video editor during the election! He help get our voice out on twitter, youtube!

Black Americans For Trump (This video was shared by Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump and hit 1 Million views on twitter and another million view on youtube!)

Video Edited By: Mark F. @Immigrant4trump

African Americans for Donald Trump 2016 – Part 2

Watch this video has received over 200,000 views on youtube! 200,000 Views on Twitter!
“Donald Trump gets my Vote” ‘I am black, I’m female and I’m going from Democrat to Trump.”
Video By: Mark F. @Immigrant4trump

Proving the Media wrong is easy if your being honest. Cory and Makada preaching #AmericaFirst! AWESOME!